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  • The Lyceum Kid's Glee Club - Sing popular show tunes with your friends complete with fun choreographed dances

  • Summer Music lessons can be arranged in person and during our Lyceum Village Summer Camps.  (Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello) 

  • The Lyceum Village Summer Camper's ADVANTAGE! Music Practice can be scheduled daily during afternoon sprints.

  • Group Piano Lessons - Begin learning piano in a group. Join your perfect level. Group classes fill up fast!

  • Private Piano Lessons - Times and dates for private piano lessons are available. Reserve your favorite teacher and time slot early!


Lyceum Foundation Music Program is open for private and group lessons. For details, please call Ms. Akiko at (914) 584-7841 or leave us an email message with your name and phone number.

  • Piano

  • Group piano

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Cello

  • Music Theory & Ear training

  • Proctored practice available M-F


Options to participate in Recitals, *Show & Play, Competitions, Festivals, Examination Programs.


After-school member discounts are available.


*Show & Play weekly performances for after-school members only.

**Ask us about how you can use your dependent care saving account when music enrichment is bundled in Lyceum Foundation's after-school program!

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