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Week 1:  June 6 - 10 | Theme of the week:  "After Quidditch: Inside Hogwarts" (Waitlist - AM / PM Session, Full Day)

There's so much to do and learn when you're invited "Inside Hogwarts" - This week will be filled with hands-on activities related to Herbology, Astronomy, Care for Magical Creatures, Potion-making, and of course there's the "Magic Show!"  Learn and do super-cool projects all week long, and when the smoke settles after the Wizards magic show, we'll celebrate together by enjoying a delicious frosty mug of the infamous Harry Potter Butter Beer - that the campers will make!

Week 2:  June 13 - 17 | Theme of the week:  "Gotta Catch em all" (Waitlist - AM Session)

Campers will learn the rules of how to play Pokemon! (The EZ way, or the real way!)  There's a whole lot more to do in this Pokemon Camp than just playing Pokemon and trading cards.  It'll be filled with so much fun that campers will not realize they are practicing mental math, reading comprehension, and learning logic and strategy!  These are great skills to have for future success!  Even if you're new to Pokemon, we will have loads of awesome projects and crafts, including learning how to use the 3D printer to make cute Pokemon keychains that you can take home!  

Week 3:  June 20 - 21 | Theme of the week:  The Ultimate Race to solve a Twisty Puzzles, plus more.

We all know that solving puzzles are good for brain development, improving memory, logic, intuition... This Lyceum Camp would like to "kick it up a notch" by adding "speed" to the mix, and a competitive aspect to it!  Campers will be solving a slew of puzzles during the week.  A stamp is earned for each type of puzzle solved where the stamps collected are worth prizes!  Now, this camp is on adrenaline!  Learning how to solve the Rubik's cube will be our camper’s ultimate achievement, but there will be other challenges as well! (2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6)

Week 4:  June 27 - July 1 | Theme of the week:  "All the Right Move!"

Whether you already know how to play this addictive game, or a beginner discovering the game, this week will most definitely help every camper become a winner by helping them continue to achieve their personal best in the game of chess!  Learn rules, strategy, practice, and play.  Younger campers will have plenty of support to give it a try! Be inspired by learning about famous child chess grand masters such as Bobby Fischer and Abhimanyu Mishra.  BONUS:  Campers will get to design and print their very own 3D printed chess piece keychain!

Week 5:  July 5 - July 8 | Theme of the week:  "Clue, the game:  The Case of the Missing Cookie"

Have you ever played the board game "Clue?"  It's so mysterious and sometimes chilling!  Although this camp is all about the game "Clue," it goes much deeper!  Campers will imagine the story behind the game's mysterious situation.  During the week, teams will write a story and create a Radio Theater recording based on the characters in the game. Try out as a voice actor, create sound effects such as food crunching creaky doors, and footsteps!  Older campers can work with staff dabble with the Apple GarageBand software for Mac.  The fun Radio Theater results will be posted on our Group Facebook page.

Week 6:  July 11 - 15 | Theme of the week:  "Battle of the Lyceum Village Iron Chef"

Learn about the World through International Cuisine by becoming a sous-chef de cuisine (or the second in command) team member to our 4-star Michelin camp chefs (staff).  Chop, slice, boil, and fry!  Which team will impress the panel of our camper judges?  Three Judges will be selected daily who will rate the variety of prepared dishes on 1) successful completion of the recipes, 2) taste, and 3) presentation. All campers will get to sample team dishes at the end of every class!

Week 7:  July 18 - 22 | Theme of the week:  "Battle Bots Races & Championship"

This week is all about robots in action!  Age-appropriately divided, the camper teams will learn to build, operate and race VEX (or Dash & Dot) robots through a variety of obstacle trails and timed challenges.  Join this camp and find out what it means to "Freestyle and Tango" your Bots!  By the end of the week, we will present an award to the Battle Bot Champion team!  BONUS: Teams will learn how to create and 3D print their original design team sign!

Week 8: July 25 - 29 | Theme of the week: A "Mission Impossible" becomes a Possible Mission"
What has happened to our Camp STEM Teacher? A full week of exciting projects and experiments were on the docket, but now, the STEM teacher has disappeared! Could it be a possible alien abduction? Discover clues left in the classroom. Should you choose to accept this challenge, you will investigate and learn the required project all week long in order to conduct the ultimate camper Mission Impossible rescue operation on Friday! "This challenge will self-destruct in 1-hour" after the Lyceum Village escape room timer starts to tick!

Week 9:  August 1 - 5 | Theme of the week:  "The mini CBF Tycoon"

CBF Stands for Children's Business Fair which is a one-day event for young entrepreneurs to launch and showcase their very own business. The camp week will conclude with a mini version of the now infamous CBF which was founded in 2007 by the Acton Academy. Our campers will love learning about business and finance with the Acton Academy guides. On Friday afternoon, parents, friends, and the local community being will be invited to our camper store fronts which will be located on the Lyceum back lot!

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