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The new enrollment period will open at the end of February 2024.



Play the video below to see a sample schedule:

Customize YOUR Child’s Weekly Schedule

Make an appointment with our Academic Advisors and put together a plan that fits your child’s educational stage.  Choose from a variety of Academic, Art, Music, and Athletic activities as well as guided practice, reading, and study time.  


  • Academic Management: Choose your top 3 goals for your child, and the Foundation staff will work on these daily, sending you updates and assessments throughout the semester.

  • Daily Practice: Group practicing puts more joy in this important skill.  Foundation staff focuses on small, incremental growth made consistently everyday.  This is the best way to develop a skill longterm.  

  • Coin System: Young students love to earn coins for themselves and their House Team!  Good character, focus, and effort can lead to coins which can be used to earn treats and prizes.  Students can also learn the joy of giving by gifting their friends coins as well.

  • Village Clubs on Wednesdays and FunFridays are exciting group project-based learning opportunities: Student-led projects help develop confidence, leadership skills, and team-work.  Students can start their own clubs and take part in team sprints and challenges.  


Students in 5-8th grade have very different needs.  At this age, we primarily focus on HW understanding, study skills, private tutoring, and leadership skills.  We also support students in their goals to take their extra-curricular activities to a more competitive level by offering advanced basketball leagues, advanced private music teaching, and transportation to off-campus programs.​

  • Middle School Homework Support and Private TutoringStudents will have a quiet place to study, with teachers available who have a college-level understanding of advanced mathematics, sciences, and language studies.  Junior High students already have a lot of HW, so we encourage private tutoring rather than additional academic classes for your child to get ahead.  Private tutoring is encouraged 2-3 times a week (30 minutes) at a discounted membership rate of $15/session.  Tutoring is currently available for math, Chinese, Japanese, science, and English.  Private tutors also closely monitor student grades and study skills.

  • Cafe Study (Mastering Independent Study Skills)Middle schoolers are beginning to enjoy independence.  Rather than staying at home after school “unsupervised,” Lyceum Village embraces this desire for independence and creates an environment where, if they maintain high grades and show responsibility, they will be given the option of our guided, “block-free” scheduling. These members create their own after school plan according to student and parent priorities. These might include:  Academic Tutoring, Homework support, Cafe Study, Science Fair, music competition prep, PSAT, and even schedule in transportation to high-level school extracurricular events.  This is the perfect time and opportunity for mastering Independent Study Skills that is absolutely necessary for success in high school!

  • Advanced BasketballAdvanced basketball practice occurs 6-8pm twice a week.  

  • Advanced MusicPrivate lessons are available in piano, cello, violin, voice, and clarinet.  Middle school students can stay later in the evening to finish their practice.  Music teachers are always on the premises if they have questions.  

  • Leadership ProgramsLyceum Village After School program serves members from kindergarten to 8th grade. This allows the middle school students an opportunity to become role models and leaders for the younger grades in our program!  Taking leadership roles involves public speaking, event organizing, and realizing their responsibility to model following directions by the Foundation Staff.  We encourage each middle school student to choose from the following roles:

    • Wednesdays Club Leader

    • #FUN Friday Leader

    • Show & Play Leader

    • Cafe Leader

    • Event Leader- We have around 2-3 events each semester.  Haunted House.  Christmas Show.  Spring Show.

    • New Student Buddy

    • Ambassador-

    • Start a Group on campus – Girls Scouts League, Robotics Club, etc.

  • Transportation to Off-Campus Activities: Many 5-8th graders are involved in off-campus activities.  Foundation staff can arrange transportation to these activities for an additional fee (5 mile radius maximum). 


For parents who are interested in getting updates on our enrichment activities, classes, and clubs- be sure to join our private facebook group!

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