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Girls Club Basketball

Girls Club Basketball

Clifton Baker leads the girls program.  Clifton has:


  • 16years of grassroots skills development in the Southern California area
  • has trained/coached in 8 different countries
  • 50+ NCAA D1 athletes, 80+ w/ scholarships from D2/NAIA D1 or lower
  • 30+ pro players annually overseas, wnba & nba


Lyceum Basketball has elementary, middle school, and high school teams for girls.  High School teams practice and play from March to August just like the boys High School program. 


Elementary and Middle School programs are focused on developing players and putting them into AAU and open club tournaments to prepare them for high level 8th grade play into High School.


LVGB's focus is to prepare the girls to play High School basketball upon entry to highschool and hopefully be ready to be a Varsity player their Freshman year if the highschool allows Freshmen to play Varsity (Some highschools require 9th graders to be on JV).


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