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Customize YOUR Child’s Weekly Schedule

Make an appointment with our Academic Advisors and put together a plan that fits your child’s educational stage.  Choose from a variety of Academic, Art, Music, and Athletic activities as well as guided practice, reading, and study time.  


  • Academic Management: Choose your top 3 goals for your child, and the Foundation staff will work on these daily, sending you updates and assessments throughout the semester.

  • Daily Practice: Group practicing puts more joy in this important skill.  Foundation staff focuses on small, incremental growth made consistently everyday.  This is the best way to develop a skill longterm.  

  • Coin System: Young students love to earn coins for themselves and their House Team!  Good character, focus, and effort can lead to coins which can be used to earn treats and prizes.  Students can also learn the joy of giving by gifting their friends coins as well.

  • Village Clubs on Wednesdays and FunFridays are exciting group project-based learning opportunities: Student-led projects help develop confidence, leadership skills, and team-work.  Students can start their own clubs and take part in team sprints and challenges.  

  • Download our Lyceum Village Member App from the App Store.  Members can play games, see coin totals, and gift coins.  Parents can see tuition invoices, member schedules, progress reports, event calendar, and more!

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