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Update (Aug 30, 2020):

During this season of COVID-19 recovery, Lyceum Village will be accommodating potential changes in scheduling due to the opening and closing for in-person instruction at your schools.  Please note that when your school opens for in-person instruction, Lyceum Village will discontinue our Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday AM Learning Centers.  Genius Club After School program will begin from 2:30 pm (1:30 on Wednesday) with arrivals accepted as early as 1:30 pm for supervised play. (12:30 on Wednesday).  In the event that OC schools close again, we will reopen the morning Academic Center if needed.

As of August 28, California Governor Gavin Newsome announced that the COVID-19 State Monitoring List will be replaced with the updated “Blueprint for a Safer Economy.”  Lyceum Village will be following guidance from this plan. (


Orange County schools (TK-12) are scheduled to re-open in-person instruction as of Tuesday, September 8.  We have been informed that TUSD’s first day for hybrid schooling will begin Thursday, September 10.  


Learning Center (opens August 17th, 2020):

Due to school closures, Lyceum Foundation will host an AM Learning Center, open from 8am-12pm, for students to do their online schooling.  Staff will offer technical support as students navigate Zoom, Canvas, and other software programs as well as academic and moral support to help them stay engaged with the teacher.  


We are closely following safety precautions:

  • UV lights keep keyboards and supplies safe {picture}

  • Contact tracing and frequent staff testing 

  • Masks/sanitizer {picture}

  • Large, open spaces allow for distancing​ {picture}


*Every guest utilizing the facility must fill out a weekly Health Questionnaire and Waiver form upon entry.  At this time, we regret to restrict guests, and casual entries into the facility from member parents, friends, and family.

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