Bionerds offers fun, hands-on biology workshops for K-8th students in many cities throughout Orange County. It is voted as Orange County's Best Science Camp for 2 years in a row (2015-17) by Parenting OC Magazine families. It is also chosen as one of the Coolest After-School Classes in the Country by Red Tricycle website.

It was founded with a mission to nurture curiosity, share lifetime passion and give opportunities for the younger generation to learn about biology through self-discovery. We believe each individual is a bionerd.  Living things are too amazing not to be wondered about.  When the right environment is provided at a young age, a child will learn and appreciate how amazing living things are, no matter how small or not-so-good-looking they are.

Bionerds will be there for the kids to do hands-on experience that are fun, memorable and educational at the same time.  Our curriculum is currently designed for Kindergarten to 8th-grade children.